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Technical French to English Translation

At Translation Services Canada we provide Certified and Technical Translations from French into English and Certified and Technical Translations from English into French. We provide the same services between English & German and English & Spanish.

All our translators are certified by STIBC (the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia) and CTTIC (the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council) and our Certified Translations can be used for all legal purposes, including Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

We specialize in Technical French to English Translation Services as well as Technical German to English Translation Services and Technical Spanish to English Translation Services (and vice versa). Technical Translations require a high degree of familiarity with a certain subject field and a substantial amount of specific research and terminology search. You can trust that if you choose Translation Services Canada to provide your Technical Translation, you will receive immaculate work, which is ready to be published* or can be used for any other official purpose. Common documents that require a Technical Translation from French to English are PhD Dissertations, Engineering Manuals and Pharmaceutical Manuals.

We follow a rigorous process to ensure the quality of our Technical Translations.

1) First, we will analyze the submitted text and assign it to the best translator that is most familiar with the subject matter for full content comprehension. 

2) Second, we will conduct specific and comprehensive terminology research to ensure accurate content translation. This step requires a sizable amount of time as we need to search and compare official terminology bases, existing research articles, and other resources relevant to the field.

3) Third, once the terminology research has been completed, we will conduct the actual Technical Translation.

4) Then, after the translation itself has been completed, it will be reviewed by one of our professional technical proofreaders to ensure consistency and accuracy. At this stage we will ensure, that individual technical terms have been consistently translated across the whole document and that any minor typos that may have snuck in are eliminated.

5) As the last step, we will deliver the translation to the client for final approval. Should any questions arise, we will stay available to work with the client and to address any concerns they may have.

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Our French Translators, as well as our German and Spanish Translators, are also experts in the field of Transcreation. Unlike Certified Translations, which need to precisely contain every word found on the original document, Transcreation is translation taken to the next level for truly creative texts. Transcreation is about taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another language – it is normally applied to the marketing of an idea, product or service to international audiences or the translation of books. The language, therefore, must resonate with the intended audience.

Our Translators are experts in all the fields mentioned above. To receive a quote for your translation needs, please fill out our quotation form and submit your documents, or email them to us directly.

*Translation Services Canada must be informed in advance about the client's intent to publish the translated work.

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